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Greens Powder, Electrolyte Stick Pack, Fruit Punch Stick Pack


Crafting Your Vision: Tailored Solutions by Expert Formulators

Your Brand, Our Promise

Are you looking for a supplement and nutraceutical manufacturer that can create custom formulations tailored to your specific needs? 

Our team of experts has extensive experience in creating customized formulations for a wide range of products. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop formulations that meet their exact specifications.

Using our three-phase testing process (crawl, walk, run), we help you determine the feasibility before we quote. Whether you want standard packaging or kitting that separates your product from the rest, we can do it. The options are endless, from bottles, squeeze tubes, pumps, sprayers, caps, stick packs, etc. 

Manufacturing with pride and integrity means your formula is safe with us. We'll present you with a non-disclosure agreement to protect your custom formulation's exclusivity. 

If you want help formulating, there are experienced R&D specialists on staff to consult with. Our R&D team has a strong background in both Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics. 

Water Enhancer Liquid Sachet
Pre Workout Powder

R&D Services

Basic R&D Services:

Cost: $2,500


- Supplement/Nutrition Facts Panel 

- Marketing Topics/Added Benefits Topics (Limit 5)

- 3 attempts for a formulation approval 

  • 3 product samples per attempt

  • 150 per additional formulation attempt 

  • Heavy Metal / Microbacterial Certificate of Analysis

  • Testing will be conducted once the client approves the formula

Assortment of Private Label Liquid Sachets and Flavors

Efficacy Testing 

Contact Us For Quotes 

- Stability Testing

- Identity Testing 

Premium R&D Services:

Work directly with a Ph.D. chemist, specializing in natural plant compound extraction and analytical methods, leads the way. With a scientific rationale grounded in literature and clinical trials, we meticulously craft your formulations, ensuring each ingredient's efficacy. 

Starting at $75/hr

- Formula development including scientific rationale for each ingredient supported by literature and clinical trials.

- Inspection and validation of Certificate of Analyses ("CoAs") for your raw ingredients.

- Verification and explanation of analytical chemistry documents from your ingredients.

- Confirmation analysis and validation of CoAs using the most appropriate US-based FDA registered ISO 17025 certified            analytical laboratory for your ingredients / formulas.

- Development of your label's Supplemental facts according to FDA regulations

- Sourcing dietary ingredients, and botanical ingredients or extracts according to client’s specifications (cannabinoids, mushrooms, pure ingredients, micronutrients, and vitamins)

- Selection of alternative excipients (anti-caking, anti-hygroscopic, free-flowing agents) that are clean label or from natural origin

- Lab-scale formulation optimization and validation using our industry-leading R&D capabilities.

- Improvement of filling weight of capsules

- R&D to reduce capsule size without losing potency (fill weight)

- Improvement of solubility of active ingredients in tinctures and liquid formulas

- Reverse engineering of formulas and improvement of existing formulas

Assortment of Private Label Stick Packs and Flavors

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