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Variety of Custom Liquid Sachets

Custom Liquid Sachet Manufacturing:
Custom Liquid Sachet Filling, Formulating, and Packaging

LOW MOQ: Only 30,000 units

Water Enhancer Liquid Sachet

Convenience: The long, narrow shape of liquid sachets makes them highly convenient for consumers. They are designed to be easily opened and poured into narrow openings, such as water bottles or small beverage containers. This makes them ideal for on-the-go consumption, allowing users to quickly and easily add the contents to their drinks or mix them with other ingredients.

Portion Control: Liquid sachets are often pre-measured to contain a specific amount of product. This ensures accurate portioning and eliminates the need for measuring or guessing the right amount. It is particularly useful for sugar substitutes, drink mixes, and other powdered products that require precise measurements.

Cost-Effectiveness: Liquid sachets are cost-effective both in terms of production and distribution. Their long, narrow shape allows for high-speed production and packaging, reducing manufacturing costs. Additionally, their small size and lightweight nature contribute to lower shipping costs compared to bulkier packaging options.

Space Efficiency: Liquid sachets take up minimal space, making them efficient for storage and display. Their slim profile allows for more units to be packed in a given area, maximizing shelf space utilization. This is especially beneficial for retailers who want to offer a wide range of products without requiring excessive shelf space.

Advantages of Liquid Sachets

Blue Raspberry Private Label Liquid Sachet


30,000 Liquid Sachet Custom Order

Standard Packing Quantity (Pouch or Jar):

7 Liquid Sachets          14 Liquid Sachet

30 Liquid Sachets        60 Liquid Sachet

Custom Quantities Available!

Liquid Sachet Widths:

30mm, 40mm, 60mm

Liquid Sachet Lengths:

30mm - 170mm

Fill Weight Range:

1g - 50g


BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminum/Polyethylene,  Paper/Polyethylene, Polyester/Plated                Aluminum/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP 

Fruit Punch Energy Private Label Liquid Sachet
Grapefruit Private Label Liquid Sachet

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