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Your Brand, Our Promise

At Nufacturing, we share our passion for unique concepts with our customers. The first objective we work with you on for newly developed items is protecting your custom formula. Using our three-phase testing process (crawl, walk, run), we help you determine the feasibility before we quote. Whether you want standard packaging or kitting that separates your product from the rest, we can do it. The options are endless, from bottles, squeeze tubes, pumps, sprayers, caps, stick packs, etc. 

Manufacturing with pride and integrity means your formula is safe with us. We'll present you with a non-disclosure agreement to protect your custom formulation's exclusivity. 

If you want help formulating, there are experienced R&D specialists on staff to consult with. Our R&D team has a strong background in both Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics. 

Pricing for R&D Services: 



- Supplement/Nutrition Facts Panel 

- Marketing/Added Benefits  Topics (Limit 5) 

- 3 attempts for a formulation approval 

*3 product samples per attempt

*$150 per additional formulation attempt 




- Supplement/Nutrition Facts Panel 

- Marketing Topics/Added Benefits Topics (Limit 5)

- Stability Testing / Efficacy Testing 

- 3 attempts for a formulation approval 

  • 3 product samples per attempt

  • 150 per additional formulation attempt 

  • Testing will be conducted once the client approves the formula

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